The Cambridge Educates Young People On Careers Using Maths Games 

The Cambridge was the first financial institution to partner with Cambridge LaunchPad and today has been demonstrating the value of maths skills to 21 Year 8 students from North Cambridge Academy. 

Participants were treated to a behind-the-scenes view of The Cambridge’s head office in central Cambridge and a meet and greet their staff. The students quickly identified their jobs by asking them questions in an activity similar to Form the Future’s What’s My Line events.  

We then moved onto the main activity where the students played a giant board game designed by Customer Engagement Team Leader, Sophie Banks, and loosely based on Game of Life. 

Sophie BanksCustomer Engagement Team Leader

“Financial education is crucially important to all, not just those considering a career in that field, so it felt like something that would prove useful to students of that age. I personally had no awareness about managing my finances or what options were really available to me as a career, so wanted to do something fun and engaging to help them think about the future.”

The students were divided into teams and made financial decisions throughout the game. They could use their money to invest in property and investments, such as savings accounts, fixed-rate bonds and ISAs, and decide on careers to help fund their lifestyle. 

Year 8 students from North Cambridge Academy 

“I learnt about careers in STEM and how adults handle money.” 
“I learned about the things you have to pay for in life, like mortgages.”

With the game completed, the life paths evaluated, and the money counted, the winning team was crowned. As a very generous end-of-day treat, every student has taken away a savings account with The Cambridge containing £10 with the members of the winning team receiving a whopping £50. 

Vaughan Potter – Customer Engagement Team Leader

“It was a delight to run our third Cambridge LaunchPad event with students from North Cambridge Academy. Our aim is to engage with the students, allowing them to learn about the Society and the various roles within, while also educating them in a fun environment by guiding them through making financial decisions over the course of a lifetime!”