"Cambridge LaunchPad is a fantastic programme that has given us the chance to show science isn't just done by people wearing white coats in a lab."

The second tier in Cambridge LaunchPad is for students between 11 and 15 years of age in Years 7–10.

The Innovators programme aims to build on the information that the students may have learnt in the classroom and apply this to activities in a real-world setting. This enhances their STEM learning and gets them thinking about the diverse range of careers open to them within these industries.

Our industry partners invite students to apply for their Project Day by submitting a presentation or mini-project, which will be within a specific field of STEM. We particularly encourage applications from those who would in the past have been under-represented in these industries. The successful teams then attend the Project Day and get the opportunity to work with students from other schools. These visits are completely free and fully risk assessed. We even arrange the transport.

As with our other tiers, the programme does not focus on academic ability, but other skills such as teamwork, creativity and communication. The students that best demonstrate these attributes are invited to an awards ceremony experience so as to further their interest in STEM.

Innovators partners


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