International Women in Engineering Day 2024

Celebrating International Women in Engineering Day 2024 at the University of Cambridge Department of Engineering

To celebrate International Women in Engineering Day 2024, we were excited to bring 24 lucky year 9 students from Coleridge Community College and Parkside Community College to the University of Cambridge Department of Engineering for our newest Project Day organised by Dr Jinx St.Léger.

The students spent the day in the Dyson Centre workshop working on projects with Jinx St.Léger, William Hay and Andrew Last and touring the building to see how real engineers work. In the morning they competed in teams to build the strongest bridge out of paper and then tested them to destruction to determine which was the best. Congratulations to the two young women from Coleridge Community College who won the challenge with their exceptionally strong ‘Duo Bridge’.

Jinx St.LégerEngineering Outreach Manager University of Cambridge

“Always great to have you visit the Department Cambridge LaunchPad! I was so impressed with how proactive and creative the students were today. Especially pleased that a few students (especially Duo Bridge) are now considering a career in engineering!”

In the afternoon everyone returned to the workshop to build motorised cars using a variety of different materials before racing them. It was brilliant to see how seriously the students took both of these exercises and it’s fair to say that things got pretty competitive.

Thank you again to Dr Jinx St.Léger and The Department of Engineering for organising and hosting this brilliant day for International Women in Engineering Day.

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